The Deal Is This

The deal is this: You can continue as you are, in the human condition, with all that it entails – the pleasure, the pain, the desire to change this or that, to become something different, the fear of death and insecurity, all that illusion thought has conjured up.

Or you can live in reality, outside of thought and time. But for that you have to die first.

Not physically, but psychologically: everything that is you, everything that you know and possess, absolutely everything in your consciousness has to go. There will be love (but it is not the ‘love’ you know now). There will be creativity and action (but it is not the ‘creativity’ and ‘action’ you know now). There will be relationships (but these will not be the ‘relationships’ you know now). There will not be any fear. There will not be any ambition. Anger, envy and violence will be ended fully.

Can one do it? What has to be the state of one’s mind to do it? To not be hindered by the fear of the unknown?

In all likelihood, you cannot do it. Not because you are incapable, not clever enough, not persistent enough – no, simply because you don’t want to accept the deal. You want to bargain, modify it, take some tiniest securities and ideals with you. You want a preview beforehand, and then register, measure and solidify afterwards. All this is part of the human game. You are not ready to face that who you really are.

And that is fine, too. It is not to be played and flirted with: there is no way back once you have seriously looked into this matter. If you cannot go all the way, then you’ll remain dangling in the air, in between, neither here nor there.

However, what it means is this: do not ever complain about the way things are, the misery, the injustice, the pain of loss and love. There is a way out but you have opted to remain a human machine.

Kommenteerimine on suletud.

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